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Inclusive Flyboarding - Will it be coming to the UK?

Flyboarding. Since 2012 adrenaline junkies have been strapping a water jetpack around themselves and gliding across the water to impress sunbathers, attract attention and more importantly, experience the thrills of being launched up to the sky as water is forced under pressure through their boots.

a disabled person flyboarding - pretty cool eh?

Skiing holiday ideas for those with disabilities

For many, the thrill and freedom of a skiing holiday is a kind of therapy in its own right. Few experiences can inspire such giddy feelings as those associated with careering down a snowy slope, witnessing the incredible sights of ice-capped mountains and vast forests, or enjoying a little après ski in the late afternoon, and the good news is that these days, disability is no excuse not to embark upon a snowsports holiday. In fact, there are now more reasons than ever before for those with disabilities to head abroad on a ski holiday, least of all the rush that whizzing through the snow brings with it – the only problem is choosing where you’ll be heading!

disabled person 'on the piste'
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