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Whizz-Kidz Neon Walk around London

Whizz-Kidz Neon Walk

There’s going to be a fair amount of traffic around London tonight.

Although we aren’t talking about the congested roads and never ending sounds of impatient driver’s beebing their horns. As later tonight a group of people are going to be trekking around the capital raising money for the Whizz-Kidz charity.

The charity helps children waiting for a wheelchair, you may think if you require a chair it’s automatically given to you, but sadly this is not the case. There are around 70,000 kids out there waiting for a wheelchair so they can independently change their lives.

There’s two separate walks happening tonight, one stretching over 10 miles and for the more experienced hiker a second trek covering 20 miles.

The activity starts at 7pm and takes in historic London landmarks such as The London Eye, Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey and Tower Bridge.

‘The Neon Nightwalk’ will see eight teams, led by a Whizz-Kidz ambassador take in the cities delights throughout the evening and even though it’s too late to sign up you can take a stroll yourself over to the charities website at and donate some money to this worthwhile cause.

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