Weir is “confident” about Marathon

david weir
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Paralympian David Weir has said the past few months have been “frustrating” although he believe he’s “in good shape” for this year’s London Marathon.

The athlete was forced to pull out the Boston and Tokyo Marathons after being involved in a car accident in December and contracting an illness which caused an infection in his foot, but he’s “confident” he will win the race this Sunday.

Speaking to the Press Association Weir said: “I have had a bit of a stop-start winter. It’s been frustrating but I’m in good shape.

“The last few weeks the training’s been great.

“I feel confident. You don’t want to be too confident because you know the guys who raced in Boston pushed really well and they did well in Tokyo as well.

“I’m happy to be here, and I’m competing with the best in the world. I’m more relaxed than I have been.”

Growing up David would watch his brothers compete in boxing matches, despite knowing stepping in the ring wasn’t for him he successfully applied for a grant from his local council so he could afford a racing chair.

Weir said: “I remember seeing the marathon on TV. It was the only time you saw people in wheelchairs doing anything.

“It’s the first time I ever saw disabled people on TV.

“It’s the best race for wheelchair racers in the world.

“I never get tired of the London Marathon. You never get bored of winning.

“They have improved it, coming up with ideas, putting the prize money up, making sure the best people are there.

“They look after us, we are treated like professional athletes. They are just doing everything right.”

David Weir will compete in his 20th consecutive London Marathon this Sunday 28th April.