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Ticket information for Paralympics 2012

Athletes running in Paralmpics

Providing the 2012 office have their sums correct there’s 442 days to go until the Olympic Games and the good news is whilst millions around the world are waiting with trepidation to see if they have been successful in the ticket lottery details have been released on how you can attend the Paralympics.

The games won’t break your piggy bank either, half of the tickets will be £10 or less, 95% will will £50 or less and those for the opening and closing ceremonies will start at £20.12 – see what they did there? The most expensive seats will be available for £500.

Tickets for the games go on sale from 9 September 2011 with applications being accepted up to 30 September.

If you are part of a club or school and fancy getting your greedy mitts on 20 tickets or more you can apply for the ‘Group Organiser’ tickets where you will be entitled to a pair of free tickets. Apply for 30 tickets and there’s an extra 3 tickets, 40 tickets will bag you 44 tickets and it doesn’t take a mathematic that the full amount of 50 tickets will see you receive 55 tickets...And probably a new account on eBay!

Selected day passes will entitle you entrance to the Olympic Park or the ExCel centre where you can enjoy other sporting activities.

If you require a wheelchair space you can bring a companion free of charge, these tickets will be available in all of the price categories.

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