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Sony’s Access Controller goes on sale in the UK

Alvin Daniel holding the accessible controller

Sony have released their first accessible controller specifically for the PS5 for gamers with physical disabilities.

The device was announced earlier this year promising a “highly customisable kit” with a range of buttons, sticks and triggers.

Alvin Daniel, Senior Technical Program Manager at Sony Interactive Entertainment, told the BBC: "The idea is that you unbox it and you can start using it right away as a PlayStation controller.

"To the extent that this works for you and is comfortable for you, there is no need for you to purchase additional third party accessories and buttons and wire it all together.

“We wanted an all-inclusive kit in a box."

The controller will see more players competing in bestsellers such as Call of Duty and Final Fantasy, but Sony had their own game to win realising everybody's disability bring its own personal challenges.

To tackle this Daniel spoke to the team US non-profit organisation AbleGamers for advice on how the controller can be beneficial to as many disabled players as possible.

"When they came up with their own bespoke solutions for various players, they would inevitably try to address three issues - the thumbsticks, pressing buttons, or having to hold the controller,” he explained.

"If you have challenges in those three areas, this controller will help regardless of your underlying condition."

It’s not the first accessible controller on the market - the Microsoft Adaptive Controller was released in 2018 for the Xbox and PC - but the Access Controller is the first of its kind for the PS5.

"I think particularly if you're a young person today, gaming is such a big part of popular culture, that you are socially isolated or you're left behind if you can't participate in the same experiences your friends or your schoolmates are doing", Daniel said.

"We have seen that we bring joy to players who couldn't play before."

[ You can buy an Access Controller from the Playstation website priced £79.99 ]

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