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Sony announce their new Access Controller

the sony accessible controller

Sony has announced a new controller for the Playstation to help disabled people enjoy their gaming experience.

The innovation is part of a movement launched in 2018 to make the gaming industry more accessible for players with limited mobility.

Sony’s Access controller has been designed to be placed on a table or a wheelchair tray, the round pad can be designed around the user’s ability providing facilities such as switching buttons, thumbsticks, programming special controls and synching two controllers which work as one.

Marketing their new device Playstation said: "Introducing the Access controller, a versatile controller kit that can be customized to meet players' diverse needs, designed in close collaboration with the accessibility community to help players with disabilities play more comfortably for longer.”

Paul Lane plays his Playstation using his mouth, the 52-year-old gamer has been working with Sony to create their new controller.

He told AP: "I game kind of weird, so it's comfortable for me to be able to use both of my hands when I game.

"So, I need to position the controllers away enough so that I can be able to use them without clunking into each other. Being able to manoeuvre the controllers has been awesome, but also the fact that this controller can come out of the box and ready to work."

It’s a step forward in the right direction, but more needs to be done before every gamer can smash that dragon to smithereens or put their Grand Turismo car into first gear.

However, there’s more promising news on the horizon, Sony has teamed up with Logitech and the disabled community to put together the Logitech G Adaptive Gaming Kit, an official accessibility kit for the Access controller.

Logitech will be offering additional controls for the Access controller in the not too distant future so disabled gamers can exchange, assign and label their durable buttons and triggers to suit their abilities.

The Access controller comes in an accessible box which can be opened just by one hand with loops either side of the packaging for easy handling.

Up to two Access controllers can be used as a single virtual controller, or they can be combined with a DualSense™ or DualSense Edge™ wireless controller to add a range of additional features such as haptic feedback, motion sensor and adaptive triggers.

[ Sony’s Access Controller will be available globally with the US selling the device at $90 from 6th December ]

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