Skiing holidays for disabled people

disabled skier
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It’s around this time of year when most people set off on their skiing holidays. ABLE2UK has never been one to patronise or belittle those with disabilities, but let’s be honest...when it comes to skiing down slopes a percentage of disabled people may have a slight bit of difficulty . Although that doesn’t mean to say you still can’t participate...

Disability SnowSport believe that skiers and snowboarders have every right to enjoy the sport alongside those who are able bodied.

The charity has been skiing down slippery slopes for the past thirty years, so they know their (white) stuff! If you are a novice you may wish to start practising in the UK before you pack your bags and head for the Alps.

Skiing facilities in the UK include an indoor snowdome in Milton Keynes, Cairngorm Mountain in the Highlands and a dry ski slope in Birmingham, all these locations are covered by the charity.

The charity supports disabled skiers of any age and organise a range of activities for groups as well as 1-2-1 lessons.

The activity weeks they provided are not just based in the UK, but overseas as well, they also support the British Disabled Ski Team.

Skiing is also an ideal sport for those with physical limitations as it improves co-ordination, helps with decision making, boosts your self esteem and gives you greater confidence.

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