Scotland’s Accessible Go-Karting track

drivers in go karts at the experience in glasgow
drivers in go karts at the experience in glasgow Image credit:

Disabled drivers are being given the opportunity to whizz around a go-karting track in Glasgow.

The course at Accessible Karting gives competitors a whole hour to lap one another with the speeds being controlled by trained supervisors.

One budding racer called John – who has vision loss – was never a fan of fast cars, but now he has gained his confidence after visiting the attraction once a week.

He told STV: "I was quite nervous at first but once I got my bearings it was ok.

"It's quite difficult for me to find things to do for myself because there's not many things out there for people who are blind.

"I love it though, I should go on Top Gear or something."

Organiser Victoria Ross added: "I've had people who have maybe just come in for a look the first time.

"The second time, maybe just have a lap around the track

"It doesn't need to be for the full 12 minutes.

“There's no disability and there's no restriction that I won't give a try.”

For novice visitors there’s an option to jump in a kart with a fully-trained driver which will take you around the track which has numerous twists and turns in one of the vehicles which have a top speed of 35mph.

For more information go to The Experience website.