Schoolboy meets all-disabled Le Mans Team

Jack Embleton, Ollie Embleton and Sean Rose leaning against a sport car
Jack Embleton, Ollie Embleton and Sean Rose leaning against a sport car Image credit:

Ollie Embleton has set his sights on becoming the next Lewis Hamilton after he was treated to a VIP trip to one of the most famous racing tracks in the world, Silverstone.

The ten-year-old boy from Rushden met a group of drivers who are planning to become the first ever all-disabled team to take part in the Le Mans 24-hour race.

Embleton was so inspired by the drivers he’s now has a burning ambition to follow in his footsteps. He may have Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and needs a wheelchair, but after meeting the team he is determined not to let his condition drive him into a pit stop.

Ollie’s mother, Julie, told Northampton Telegraph: "It was great to meet Team BRIT and hear all about what they’re trying to achieve.

"We always make sure we focus on what Ollie can do, not what he can’t, and meeting the drivers was a real reflection of this.

"We work to show him that you can still do things, regardless of disability, and the fact that these guys are breaking boundaries and racing against able-bodied drivers’ shows him that nowadays disability doesn’t have to hold you back."

During his Silverstone visit last week Ollie had a go at a range race simulator and had the opportunity to see some of the racing cars which are used in Team BRIT’s Race Academy.

The 24 Hours of Le Mans in the world’s oldest car race in endurance racing.