Romanchuk wins London marathon

Daniel Romanchuk winning the london marathon
Daniel Romanchuk winning the london marathon Image credit:

Daniel Romanchuk waved the flag for America when he was first pass the finish line at this year’s London Marathon men’s wheelchair race followed by Switzerland’s Marcel Hug and Japan’s Tomoki Suzuki finishing in third position.

The winner of the women’s wheelchair race was Manuela Schar from Switzerland.

It was a double whammy for both winners as the races were also part of the World Para-athletics Marathon Championships so they won two competitions at the same time!

Speaking to BBC Sport Romanchuk said: "I am struggling to find the words. This past year has been amazing.

"It goes back to my youth, getting a good foundation and over the years picking up skills and the coaching. That's what has led to this."

Schar said: "I'm feeling great. It was a tough one.

"I was able to break away really easy and I had to fight the head wind the whole way

"It was my plan to break away and I'm really glad it turned out good."

It wasn’t a good day for British Paralympian David Weir though who, despite feeling “confident" competing in Sunday’s race finished in fifth place.

Speaking about his competitor Romanchuk, Weir told The Telegraph: “He’s frightening to be honest.

“He seems to have everything in his locker and seems to have mastered it an early age.

“As long as he stays injury free I don’t think anyone will be able to touch him for a number of years. It’s going to take a lot to stop him.”

He added: “It was tough. Daniel just whipped everyone’s a--- I suppose. I didn’t have nothing in the tank today. I just didn’t have no energy. Today I felt flat.”

The winning times were - Romanchuk: 1hr 37min 32sec and Schar – 1hr 44min 9sec.