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Just before Christmas we told you that the next Paralympics may loose out to a terrestrial TV broadcast.

The games, which have previously been broadcast on the BBC, have found their way to a new starting point over at Channel 4. The channel picked up a Gold medal beating the Beeb for the rights to broadcast the sporting event in 2012.

Channel 4 will also broadcast two ten-part documentaries from next year which will see coverage of the Paralympics torch relay.

In 2012 the channel will start it's biggest ever marketing campaign to advertise the games, so expect to see loads of sporting spazzys between your favourite programmes.

The games themselves will have over 150 hours of coverage on Channel 4 networks.

Kevin Lygo is the Director of Television and Content at Channel 4.

He said, "Channel 4 has done more than any other broadcaster to bring disability into the mainstream and we have a great track record of broadcast innovation with sports like Test cricket. We are genuinely thrilled to be given this opportunity to work with LOCOG to bring Paralympic sport into full public focus before, during and beyond the 2012 Games and to deliver a lasting legacy, including altering public attitudes to disability and disability sport."

So, in summer 2012 instead of Channel 4 broadcasting hours upon hours of retards stuck inside a reality TV house we will have them running around a track and somersaulting around our television screen. Fantastic!

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