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Nicolas Hamilton drives F1 Simulator

Lewis and Nicolas Hamilton

Nicolas Hamilton has become the first disabled person to drive an F1 simulator.

His brother, racing car champion Lewis Hamilton, thanked Mercedes for making his sibling’s “dream come true”.

Nicolas, who has cerebral palsy, competes in the British Touring Car Championships with a modified car.

“Earlier this year Nicolas and I asked my team if we could make this day happen and here we are,” Lewis Hamilton said on his Instagram account.

“Time in the sim is incredibly rare, and not something that is accessible for someone like my brother. 

“It took custom modifications to the seat, steering wheel and pedals to make this possible. He spent the whole day in it, and is the first disabled person to ever do so. 

“He’s always been a fighter and seeing him have this day is an honour. The smile you see here never left his face.” 

Lewis went on to say “Can’t wait to share more of this special day, thank you Mercedes for the time and work put in to make this possible and make my brother’s dream come true.”

In 2015, Nicolas Hamilton secured a deal with AmD Tuning to race an Audi S3 in five rounds of the British Touring Car Championship, becoming the first disabled driver to compete in the series.

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