Need some inspiration to keep fit?

Jay Manuel
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Do you find any excuse to avoid doing exercise? C’mon we know there’s quite a few lazybones reading this!

If you fall into this category maybe you should check out a young lady called Jay Manuel who keeps fit with her regular aerial yoga routines, even though the regime could break some bones.

The 23-year-old from Georgia has osteogenesis imperfecta type three, meaning her bones are very fragile. In fact she has broken them more than 200 times and undergone 22 operations – oh and she’s in constant pain, but this hasn’t stopped Jay doing her workouts.

Manuel told ‘A lot of times I’ve noticed that disability is seen as such a negative thing that people tend to tell me they feel bad for me or think my life is not as happy because of my disorder.

‘Even though I may have to do certain things differently, I would say having osteogenesis imperfecta has taught me to adapt and contributed a lot to the type of person I am in a positive way.

‘I created the page @rolloutfitness because I didn’t see anyone that looked like me that was working out.

‘I wanted to keep myself motivated by making it public and holding myself accountable.

‘It’s important for me to be able to show other people that it’s possible.’

Jay was inspired by before and after stories on Instagram showing how people have kept in shape by doing regular exercise.

Signing up to a local gym she began sharing her routine online attracting over 1,500 followers who avidly tune on a regular basis.

‘Working out helps me physically because it allows me to stay in the shape I’d like to be in so that I can still be able to move around,’ Jay said.

‘The way that I keep motivation is reminding myself how it will affect my life overall.

‘Being in shape and working out is what allows me to be able to move around as easily as I do and without that there would be a lot more dependency on others.

‘When it comes to pushing limits, just thinking about what’s next for me and the possibilities are what make me want to do more.’

She added: ‘It’s been tough because there aren’t a lot of examples of people who look like me who are openly talking about loving the bodies they have.

‘My relationship with body image is a process, I feel like I have made a lot of progress in how I see myself.

‘From a mental standpoint, when I look at myself, I’m becoming more happy with what I see in the mirror. It’s boosted my confidence and I get more pumped when I see new changes.’

Jay Manuel’s favourite workout is Insanity Max 30, although she isn’t too keen on push-ups.