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Manchester United tell a Father to take his Disabled Son to watch Stockport County

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Football fans stay loyal to their teams. If Southampton lets in a goal then the Saints are bound to pull one back aren’t they? Dan Gosling misses the post...Obetan is bound to take a decent penalty. Even the most sceptical fan forgives a player for their occasional mistakes on the field.

So why was Manchester United fan Martin Emery watching Stockport County a few weeks ago with his three sons…Ethan, Zac and Jordan?

Emery was advised to go and spur on a competitive team by…Manchester United! The Premier League club refused the father’s request asking if he could sit next to his three sons at a game because one of his youngsters is in a wheelchair.

Emery said: “I was told that only one carer was allowed to accompany each wheelchair user in the disabled section,” explained Martin. “I can’t sit in two places at once. I thought there may be some solution but they just don’t seem interested. Jordan doesn’t speak but he likes watching football and would love to go with the younger boys.

“Theatres, cinemas, concert venues were using this excuse 20 years ago,

“When the clubs had to become all-seater, they did it within a matter of weeks. Not one said it was impossible. A wheelchair space takes up more regular seats. It’s about money, isn’t it?” 

Level Playing Field recommends football stadiums with a 75,635 capacity should allocate at least 282 spaces to disabled guests. Old Trafford only offers 120 wheelchair spaces.

Wheelchair bound Manchester United fans have also had considerable difficulty buying season tickets.

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