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Manchester United Football Club Disabled Association

Manchester United Football Club Disabled Association

We here at ABLE2 always try to be topical. OK, so maybe our Reading festival was later than an appearance from Axl Rose and we are still researching who the hell Ed Miliband thinks he is, but thanks to a certain well-known footballer who is currently dominating the front and back pages it seems the ideal time to tell you about the Manchester United Disabled Supporters' Association. This for the sake of our crippled little typing fingers will now be referred to as the MUDSA for the rest of this article.

The MUDSA was founded in 1989 so that disabled Man U fans could enhance the disabled facilities at their home football ground, Old Trafford. Thanks to an ongoing programme the association has worked closely with Manchester United to ensure that their club maintains on a Premiership level for accessibility.

The MUDSA policy takes into account a vast majority of disabilities, from those who are wheelchair bound to special needs which are unseen.

For those with hearing impairments the service provides a text telephone/minicom service. Upon arrival at the stadium visitors can use an induction loop at the ticket office and the main reception; the service will also be available inside the stadium itself in the future so visitors can enjoy the foul language from the supporters as well as the players.

Supporters with visual impairments can choose to watch the match in a specially designated area and purchase CD's with large fonts and Braille. Wheelchair users can expect one of the most sufficient services available at a stadium, although if you require access to the wheelchair platform you must contact the MUDSA prior to your visit.

Guests with learning difficulties will be give free Manchester City T-shirts to wear, joking! Which loyal Man U. fan would transfer to Manchester City eh? Seriously, those with learning difficulties and unseen disabilities should be fine seated in the standard areas, although if you require an extra bit of TLC we advise you to contact the MUDSA before match day.

If you have difficulty walking the MUDSA can advise you the best places to watch the match from this also applies to guests who have medical requirements.

If you are a Blue Badge holder disabled bays are available, although these are fairly limited. Guests are advised to contact the MUDSA and try to claim a parking space, maybe exaggerate a bit on the phone and you maybe lucky.

You can also avoid the crowds should you need refreshments as catering is provided in the concourse behind the disabled persons facilities.

If you are interested attending away matches the Manchester Untied coaches have spaces for wheelchairs although should you wish to travel further afield the MUDSA recommends that you travel with the official members’ party for European Away Matches.


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