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Inclusive Flyboarding - Will it be coming to the UK?

a disabled person flyboarding - pretty cool eh?

Flyboarding. Since 2012 adrenaline junkies have been strapping a water jetpack around themselves and gliding across the water to impress sunbathers, attract attention and more importantly, experience the thrills of being launched up to the sky as water is forced under pressure through their boots.

 If you are still confused how this works…its simple! A 30ft hose connects the flyboard to a jetski. As the jetski whizzes across the water pressure builds up through the hose and is released out through the flyboard nozzles.

The sport is gradually ‘flying’ across the UK. At present there’s only a handful of places across the country where you can Flyboard and they haven’t catered for disabled thrill-seekers.

Can anyone Flyboard? Apparently so according to Xtremox Flyboard Valencia who took a group of disabled people out to sea ‘Back to the Future II’ style over the summer.

Anthony Martinez Yague, also known as ‘The Bullfighter’ took a group of disabled youngsters out on a Hydroflight after putting on an exclusive Flyboarding display for them... 

Desde luego el momento del día mi amigo Ramon un niño que jamás se levantara de una cama hoy a podido volar y ser el auténtico héroe y protagonista. Campeón !!!!!!

Posted by Antonio Martinez Flyboard -The Bull on Sunday, June 28, 2015

Anthony told ABLE2UK….

'I started practicing Flyboard 3 years ago, I’ve worked hard to build up my ranking and now I want to be the number one. Why not? The guys and gals taken under Anthony’s wings had various forms of disabilities. I’ve been practicing extreme sports for more than 15 years: parachuting, kayak, bungee jumping, cannoning, rock climbing… So I can say I’m addicted to adrenaline, sport and active life. But something happened. Few years ago I had a serious accident while doing parachuting and I had to stop. There were 5 very hard and difficult years going to the hospital many times for surgery and working a lot to be better and better. Now, I am fully aware of the importance of having someone giving you support and telling that everything is possible. All dreams come true when you are surrounded by good people. So I and my team have created what we call “inclusive flyboard”. 

Will Inclusive Flyboarding hover to the UK? We spoke to Aquatic Jet Packs to see if they had any plans to include a similar project on these very shores. They replied...

'Unfortunately as we do not have any experience with running Flyboarding with people with disabilities we do not feel we can construct some editorial on it.'

Let's hope a UK company has the initiative to make the sport accessible for all in time for next summer.

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