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Human Rights Commission investigate Manchester United services to Disabled Supporters

old trafford ground

The list of prosecutions against Manchester United and their lack of commitment for their disabled fans has seen a series of Red Cards being held in front of their faces.

Man U have been accused of the lack wheelchair spaces at Old Trafford, seating arrangements which separates families with disabled members, prevention of disabled fans buying season tickets and Arsenal fans being refused access because they had a walking stick, a crutch and a plaster cast.

The three aforementioned cases which relate to three men in their eighties, twenties and forties saw the fans being turned away from the disabled seating area because all the 120 spaces were full to capacity. An eyewitness at the game called the situation “shocking”.

According to Greater Manchester Police an officer regulations at Old Trafford prevented the fans entering the ground. After the officer spoke to the control room he was told the three men could use their aids to reach their seats and they would be returned to them after the match.

Rebecca Hilsenrath, chief legal officer at the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) said: “This has included discriminatory policies that prevent disabled fans having the same opportunities to attend football matches as non-disabled people,

“Premier League clubs have a legal duty under the Equality Act 2010 to ensure reasonable adjustment for disabled fans and to make sure they do not discriminate against them. While our preference is always to work with organisations to avoid costly legal proceedings, all options remain on the table because disabled fans deserve better.”

When Manchester United was challenged over why they ban walking aids into their ground a spokesperson replied: “We've experienced such devices being used as weapons,"

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