Helmet for cyclists with vision loss

the helmet designed by cloudminds
the helmet designed by cloudminds Image credit:

A global cloud robotics company has developed a cycling helmet for people with vision loss.

Meta, designed by Cloudminds, has been described as “the World’s first Cloud AI Guiding Robot” and could change the lives for thousands of people who thought their lack of eyesight would stop them from riding a bike.

The mechanism used in the device is similar to the system behind self-driven cars which uses a series of cameras and a sensor which checks the surrounding area before sending the traffic information to a cloud sever which interprets the information for the driver/ cyclist using artificial intelligence.

It’s not just bikers who will benefit from the helmet, the device uses a guidance system called SLAM (simultaneous localization and mapping) which maps parked cars and obstacles such as wheelie bins as well as understating traffic lights systems and pedestrian crossings which will help people with vision loss to walk down the street in safety.

Meta can also read electrify meters, translate text to speech as well as object recognition and face recognition, in other words it’s pretty bloody clever!

For more information visit the Cloudminds website.