The Accessible Gym

 Glen Morgan training Jake Leonard
Glen Morgan training Jake Leonard Image credit:

Jake Leonard pulls no punches when he gives his opinion of mainstream gyms.

The fitness guru who has cerebral palsy says he felt “mocked” and “out of place” when he went for his daily training session at his local centre as the equipment didn’t take into account a member who was in a wheelchair.

Taking the drawbacks into consideration the 22-year-old decided to open a new gym in Milton Keynes which caters for people with mental health and physical disabilities with his trainer, Glen Morgan.

Leonard had the idea when a gym receptionist had difficulty understanding his stammer over the phone so he set up ‘Boom Power Performance Coaching’ in Morgan’s home.

Glen told the BBC: "This lad was paying full price membership and couldn't get through the front door.

"He felt ridiculed and mocked.

"At the start he couldn't move one side, lift one arm or feel his legs. Now he's boxing."

Members of the new gym range from those in wheelchairs to fitness fanatics with ADHD and a low self-esteem.

There are only 25 gyms in England which are deemed suitable for members with a disability.

Jake Leonard works in a school for pupils with a disability.