Disabled horse rider completes 3-day trek

Kristie McPherson on horseback taking a selfie
Kristie McPherson on horseback taking a selfie Image credit:

A disabled horse rider has raised thousands of pounds trekking a distance of 51 miles for her local emergency service.

Kristie McPherson has Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, generalised dystonia and hemiplegic migraine although that did not stop the 43 year-old from Truro, Cornwall from completing a three-day expedition on horseback on Dartmoor.

The trek was gruelling, leaving Kristie with a dislocated knee and temporary vision loss in one eye.

But it was worth it, the amazing achievement has also raised over £3,500 for the Cornwall Air Ambulance service.

Kristie started horse-riding at the age of 4, but was forced to give it up when her medical conditions started to progress.

During the horse trek over 19-20 July one of her knees became dislocated with the other one having to be strapped up for safety.

"It was magical, amazing and painful," Ms McPherson told the BBC.

Kristie McPherson is planning another charity trek next year.