Disabled Girl to become Olympic Torchbearer

alice tai
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The date is drawing ever closer, the sporting event of the century, we are of course referring to the Olympic Games and if you haven’t been sleeping under a bunker for the past few months you will be well aware that the country has been looking for people to carry the Olympic Flame.

One of the lucky people to be awarded this sporting privilege is 12 year-old Alice Tai.

Alice was doing her homework when she heard the news and was ‘so surprised’. The young girl lives in New Milton and is a member of the Seagulls Swimming Club in Dorset. Despite being born with Club Feet her disability doesn’t stop her living an active lifestyle, she has even been selected for the GB talent programme which is dedicated to those with various forms of disability.

Having 13 invasive feet operations in her tender childhood years Alice still has a positive outlook on life; her dream job is to become a brain surgeon. She has also spent quite a bit of time over the past couple of years in a wheelchair.

If you were unfortunate to win a place carrying the flame (The Olympic committee received 6,500 requests) you can see the flame travel the country on its 8,000 miles journey from next May.