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COYID-19: Yoga classes for disabled people

people doing adaptive yoga

If you have a disability and enjoy Yoga, boy do we have the perfect workout for you!

Launched by Miranda McCarthy and Louise Edwards Adaptive Yoga Live is tailored for people with physical limitations and the elderly to keep their wellbeing intact throughout the COVID-19 coronavirus crisis.

The guys at pulled up a mat, crossed their legs, and broke the silence to conduct an interview with the one of the brains behind the project.

Miranda said: ‘Everyone should have the opportunity to for self-improvement – especially disabled people.

‘Living with a disability on a daily basis is a difficult journey and staying active can not only help improve your physical health but your mental health.

‘Staying active helps strengthening the mind-body connection – which helps regulate your emotions and combats stress. Staying active is essential for well-being.’

She added: ‘Aside from the physical and mental health benefits, pur classes are a judgement-free-zone.

‘We are free to be disabled. We all have different physical restrictions, we all move at our own pace, and that’s OK.

‘Everyone is there to support each other. The live classes are meant to be a way of introducing adaptive yoga to disabled people who are self-isolating – as a way to help reduce stress during these difficult times.’

The classes, which can be taken sitting down, are scheduled to run for the next six weeks, but if they prove popular and enough money in the bank they could last for longer.

You can make a donation to keep the project ongoing by making a donation via the Adaptive Yoga Live GoFundMe page.

To register for free classes on Monday, Wednesday and Sundays at 3pm go to the Adaptive Yoga LIVE website.

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