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Coronavirus: Katie Price on home-schooling

katie and harvey price

Former model and TV presenter Katie Price has spoken about how she is home-schooling her disabled son Harvey throughout the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic lockdown.

She also told MailOnline how her five children join her every Thursday night for the Clap For Carers celebrations and supporting the NHS.

Harvey, 17, was born with Prader-Willi Syndrome, Sept-optic dysplasia and autism, he also has an underactive thyroid and diabetes.

Proud mum Katie said: 'I'm working hard home-schooling Harvey and we're spending lots of time reading together. It isn't easy on my own, but we're making it work.

'Harvey is delighted to be involved in the NHS campaign. He got involved with the clapping and I'm so proud of him.

'We're hoping to find a way to raise some money for the NHS to show how grateful we are for all they are doing.’

Harvey has shown his respect to the NHS by drawing a picture of a rainbow with the message: 'To the NHS and the doctors and nurses. Thank you so much for helping everyone.’

Harvey holding up his rainbow picture

For her part Katie recently shared her appreciation for the NHS via a video on her Instagram page.

In the clip she says: 'Me and Harvey would like... we want to say a massive thank you to everyone all the social house carers, nurses, doctors, everyone helping at this moment in time. Harvey gives a massive thank you.

'And you've been amazing with Harvey's medication and everything so just keep well and thank you.'

Katie captioned the video with message: ‘A huge thank you to all the health and social care staff on our front line during this pandemic.

‘Harvey and I will be giving a huge round of applause to all of you tonight at 8PM. Please join us and clap from your windows, doors and balconies.'

Katie Price’s son Junior recently show symptoms of coronavirus and is self-isolating.

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