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Charity offers free cooking lessons

Benny outside the Square Food Foundation headquarters

The Square Food Foundation is a tasty little charity based in Bristol which teaches disabled people cooking skills and improving their mental health.

Mind you, you don’t need to be disabled to take advantage of what's cooking in the kitchen, the foundation welcomes young people NEET, adults at risk of being isolated, local schools and women in sex work.

Once tying up their aprons budding Gordon Ramseys’ will build their confidence to cook, be taught how to eat a healthy diet and maintain a mental wellbeing.

There’s also exciting masterclasses, workshops and team building opportunities on offer as well as the chance to enrol on a private course.

Square Food Foundation was cooked up by Benny [ pictured above ] in 1998 when he took his first cooking class at Quartier Vert restaurant, then known as QV Cookery School.

In 2006, the cookery school moved to Bordeaux Quay on Bristol’s Harbourside where there was more scope to introduce additional masterclasses and extend the courses which supported a growing number of local schools and community groups.

The service Square Food Foundation has always been free and remains so to this day. In June 2011 the cookery school was incorporated as a Community Interest Company which pledged to donate any profit made to make its workshops accessible as possible.

With more people signing up and the foundation gaining popularity it was time to relocate again to The Park community centre situated at the heart of Knowle West, South Bristol in 2011 where, in 2017, Square Food became a registered charity.

One of the services Square Food offers is their Cooking Connections, a sociable group for disabled adults and those suffering with their mental health.

Cooking Connections teaches people not only how to cook but also advice on having a healthy diet and it’s also a great way to form friendships with fellow members.

[ Square Food Foundation also offers an online Four Week Meal Plan ]

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