Charity aims to make gaming accessible for all

Mike Begum
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Playing video games can be tiring, especially if you have a physical disability, jumping from pillar to pillar, speeding away from cops, blistering your finger to open that bloody door in a tomb, but Mike ‘Brolylegs’ Begum (pictured above) has found a way round it.

The gamer from Texas has arthrogryposis which means he can’t control his legs or arms, so he plays with his tongue!

Inspired by Begum’s method social enterprise Enable Gaming have launched a crowdfunding appeal to help disabled people compete in eSports tournaments.

Playing popular video games online has become a craze over the past few years and its ideal for those who feel isolated from society.

The Scottish organisation wants to make gaming accessible for budding gamers with a disability or living with mental health by providing adaptable controllers and custom made accessories.

They also work with developers and manufactures so their games can played by everyone.

Enable Gaming founder Robert Flannigan told Edinburgh Live: "Enable Gaming has been founded on social principles created to promote a shift in perception within the eSports community.

"We see scope for wide-ranging events; from national blockbusters to smaller events in more intimate settings.

"We want to champion the integration of people with additional support needs and from lower socioeconomic backgrounds into the eSports community by getting involved with us at Enable Gaming. In 10 years, we would even like to see Enable Gaming go international, whilst maintaining its social enterprise roots."

Enable Gaming are aiming to raise £50,000 to make a donation go to their Crowd Funder page.