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Bullseye! It’s the British Disability Association

a man in a wheelchair playing darts

Russ Strobel scored a bullseye when he launched the World Disability Darts Association [WDDA] after campaigning for the sport to be more accessible for wheelchair users.

The lower board, which stands 137cm from the bull to the ground, was given the green light by the World Darts Federation - making the sport official.

With Strobel’s hard work and determination the first WDDA Winmau World Masters Championship was held in 2014 supported by the British Darts Organisation, won by Ricky Chilton.

In 2015 Chilton joined a team of players at a Disability Darts tournament held in the Isles of Man where they spread the word about the game.

Their word of mouth worked, later that year a second tournament took place in Birmingham sparking more interest which led to the Disability Darts and British Disability Darts Association [BDDA] opening for business in February 2016.

Similar to the Paralympics, disabled darts has its own impairment classification guidelines to ensure each player is given an equal gameplay in relation to the level of their disability.

The BDDA runs annual tournaments known as “The Road to Winmau” giving players the opportunity to qualify for the WDDA Winmau World Masters Championships.

Disability Darts is now played on a global scale with competitors hailing from Belgium, Holland, Germany, France, Denmark, Malta, Hungry, Isles of Man, South Africa, Russia, Mongolia, USA, New Zealand and the UK battling it out in the first World Cup, which took place in Ostend in 2019.

[ Andy “The Viking” Fordham is ambassador for the British Disability Darts Association. ]

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