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Best of British begins on Channel 4

footballer wearing a blindfold

With the stopwatch ticking away, counting down to next year’s Paralympics Channel 4 whets our appetites tonight with Best of British.

The series allows viewers to follow the lives of Paralympic athletes as they prepare for 2012, in training and their personal lives.

Tonight’s episode ‘kicks off’ with three players from the British blind football squad. David Clarke, Owen Bainbridge and Robin Williams (no, not that one!) will be giving viewers the chance to see how they are shaping up for one of the most important series of kickabouts in their lives.

Even though you may not be familiar with Clarke’s name in the world of blind football the star has been compared to Wayne Rooney...thankfully the resemblance only refers to his play on the pitch!

Clarke towers Rooney when it comes to international caps, he has 109 compared to Wayne’s 60 and has scored 106 international goals, Rooney has scored 25. David also has an impressive record when it comes to international goals per game having 0.97 under his belt whilst Wayne has 0.42.

It’s also promising to hear the team have a good record taking penalties; something which every England fan knows is something our boy’s lack.

The following episode covers field events such as javelin, shot and discus with Kyron Duke and Sean Clare, both of which are dwarf athletes. The show also gives us an insight which their relationship between those of a standard height as we meet their families and friends.

In the third programme we meet Tom O’Connor as he tries to lift the spirits of the UK’s wheelchair rugby squad after they deliver a poor performance in a word championship game.

The series also includes films from Stoke Mandeville hospital spinal unit, which nurses the needs to most of the Paralympic athletes and hear from athletes who have become disabled after serious injuries.dav

Best of Britain starts tonight, Wednesday 14 September 10pm on Channel 4 and continues Sunday 18 September at 5.25pm

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