Amputee snooker player becomes internet sensation

Muhammad Ikram playing snooker
Muhammad Ikram playing snooker Image credit:

You make think somebody born with no arms would be snookered when it comes to potting coloured balls into table pockets, but you’d be wrong!

Muhammad Ikram is on cue to become a snooker champion, just because has missing limbs doesn’t mean to say he’s any less any less able to play the game.

The 32-year-old Pakistani has spent years practising his skills, he now believes he can challenge any player at his local club n Samundri, a small province of Punjab.

He told AFP: “It is a tough job that requires hard work. If there is a player like me, I am ready to face him”

Life for Muhammad was pretty tough to begin with, he comes from a poor family, there was no money to send him to school so he spent his childhood years at home with only his eight siblings for company.

When he became a teenager Muhammed would watch snooker players at his local hall which inspired him to take up the sport.

The amputee started to pot balls using his chin to compensate for his missing arms.

“In the beginning, I used to push the balls by myself on an empty pool table,” Ikram said.

“Gradually, I improved my game and started playing with others.”

Mind you, his snooker skills almost never happened, his parents banned him from playing the sport for several years concerned he may injure himself.

Fortunately, in 2019, mum and dad gave in and their son took up the game which has made him an internet sensation among snooker players in Pakistan.

His mother, Razia Bibi said: “I don’t go out and watch him play but his father has seen him playing and we are happy for him.

“We used to say that had he got arms, he would have been very happy. But now the whole world will be happy when they see him playing.”

The owner of Samundri snooker hall, Muhammad Nadeem sees Ikram as a “true sportsman”.

“We don’t charge him for a game. Instead people pay him to play with them,” Nadeem said.

“He has no competition, in cricket and football there are disabled players but when it comes to snooker he is a one-of-a-kind player.”

Pakistan keeps no up-to-date statistics on people with disabilities, but it’s estimated there are more than 30 million disabled residents in the country.