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American disabled boy travels to Yorkshire for metal detecting adventure

Finley Gregg metal detecting

A nine-year-old disabled boy has travelled over 4,000 miles from Colorado, America to Yorkshire to fulfil his ambition joining an established metal detecting group.

Finley Gregg, who has spina bifida, was struggling to find something similar in America, so his family arranged for him to fly across the pond after hearing about UK Metal Detecting Days in Sheffield

Finlay and his mother Megan Gregg enjoyed two days scouring for metal objects in the Yorkshire countryside.

The young History enthusiast told ITV News: "I feel over the moon- I'm super excited. I just like the history, I like finding the history. It's a dream come true."

His mom said: "In Colorado there is not really super old stuff that we find so he watches a lot of YouTubers and said, 'I want to come to England'.

"This is unbelievable. It's my dream too and I can't believe we are here."

The group discovered a collection of ten hammered coins on their first dig, the rarest they have ever seen.

Deb Law from the group said: "It's very rare you find this many coins in one place- so Finley's day to get this- absolutely amazing.

"It's the best feeling because if you can help somebody - to do this, it's taken some organising, but for him it means so much. So for us to be able to do that it's a pleasure."

[ Alexander Graham Bell invented the first metal detector ]

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