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Want to run away and join the circus?

performers from extraordinary bodies performing circus acts

Something which can often be overlooked is the physical ability of a disabled person, but the team at Extraordinary Bodies have completely flipped this misconception on its head.

In fact, standing on one's head probably comes natural to the talented individuals who sign up to the initiative which encourages disabled and non-disabled entertainers to work together in union.

Working in partnership with Cirque Bijou and Diverse City, the charity offers training for those wanting to break into circus, theatre, dance and music breaking down stigmas and barriers associated with disabled people.

The Extraordinary Bodies Young Artists is open to anyone aged between 16 and 30, since its formation the company has seen its members go to to perform in the National Centre for Circus Arts, Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts and the Bird College Conservatoire for Dance and Musical Theatre.

Extraordinary Bodies champion circus entertainers for D/deaf and disabled people by providing consultants, professionals and workshops to encourage mainstream productions to become more inclusive.

Reaching out to a wider audience the charity offers an online toolkit for any company in the circus trade sector wishing to sign up new disabled talent.

[ According to circus superstition, it's unlucky to wear green in the ring. ]

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