Ticketmaster launch inclusive booking system

man in a wheelchair crowdsurfing at a festival
man in a wheelchair crowdsurfing at a festival Image credit:

One of the leading event booking services has announced new systems which will help those trying to buy accessible tickets for gigs and shows.

Disabled music fans can now enter details of their condition and what requirements they need on the Ticketmaster website so they don’t need to repeat the procedure for future bookings.

Venues backing the scheme will have their accessible seats clearly marked on the website with details about the services available to the customer such as hearing loop and wheelchair-friendly zones as well as offering a free ticket for their companion.

Ticketmaster’s MD, Andrew Parsons, told the BBC "It's something we've been seeking to address for some time now.

"Fundamentally, all fans deserve equal access to live entertainment.

"The plus side of this system is that, in the future, the fans won't have to do anything. They will be able to buy their tickets like anyone else."

The system was launched two weeks ago at Glasgow’s SEC  and the Metropoint Arena in Cardiff.

Parsons added: "The feedback's been really, really positive," said Parsons. "We're very keen to roll it out to a host of new venues now; and I'm challenging all of our teams on that."

Kristina Barrick from Scope said: "This is fantastic news for disabled music fans, and we hope other businesses will follow Ticketmaster's lead.

"Buying tickets online is not just about convenience. For disabled people whose impairments mean they can't use a phone, this will be game-changing."

CEO of Attitude is Everything- who worked in conjunction with Ticketmaster to launch the new process, Suzanne Bell, said: "I'm delighted that Ticketmaster's accessible ticket sales will go online.

"This is real progress for millions of disabled fans who are entitled to a variety of ways in which they can book their tickets".

Government statistics show disabled people equate for 11 per cent of the live music audience.

Don’t forget to check out the ABLE2UK access guide for venues around the UK.