Rising singer overcomes anxiety

Nathan J Carpenter
Nathan J Carpenter

My name is Nathan J Carpenter and I suffer from selective mutism, an anxiety disorder which prevents me from speaking in certain social situations or in public. I have had this disorder since I was three years old, and it first came to light when I started nursery school. At first my parents thought I was just very shy, although at home I was always singing and dancing with my younger sister.

I would talk all the way to school with my mum but as soon as I entered the school gates I would go silent, although I wanted desperately to speak to my friends. I just physically could not speak.

Eventually a psychologist diagnosed me with selective mutism. As far as I am aware there is no magic cure for this condition, it is something you just have to live with.

I have always been interested in music and singing when a friend of the family said I should audition for a theatre company called Stage Struck. So I went along and to everyone’s surprise including my own, I found I could stand in front of a crowd of people and sing without any problem.

From there my dad said I should audition for the Open Mic UK competition where I reached the Area Finals, beating 8,000 applicants!

From there I was offered a chance to record my first album '10:2 Midnight' at River Studios in Southampton, working with a fantastic producer Tom Jobling. At first I found it hard to talk to Tom in the studio, but I had no problem singing in front of him, and at times still had to rely on my father to speak on my behalf. However, in time as I got to know Tom better I found it easier.

I have now performed on several occasions including two guest appearances at the Open Mic UK competition, Netley Music Festival, Soundwaves Festival and several charity events.

Through my music I have gained great confidence which is helping me overcome this frustrating and incapacitating condition.    

The album itself it available off Amazon

For more information visit Nathan J Carpenter's website.