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National Teenstar UK winner tells us how she had inspiration from her Disabled Cousin

rachel ann

My name is Rachel-Ann. I am 16 and recently won National contest Teenstar UK 2015. I have always been passionate about music and love performing. Winning this competition has provided me with an amazing opportunity, and hopefully it will open many new doors for me as I really want to pursue a career in music.

Throughout my musical journey so far, I have been supported by my family and friends. Charley, my cousin, who is now 19 has cerebral palsy and is my biggest fan. We have always been very close as we grew up together. Charley loves to come busking with me and she always tries to attend all of my performances when she can. Charley is always happy and is an inspiration to me.

She attended the Victoria Education centre for disabled children until recently, and as a result I have been given various opportunities to perform to and participate with the students that attend the school. I really enjoyed working with the students and I have been inspired by their enthusiasm and how music has such a positive impact on them. I have been involved in various events and activities at the Victoria Education Centre. These include and opera, a sports day, singing at their prom, and a workshop. Being involved in these events has enabled me to get to know the students well and build a positive relationship with them.

It has been such a privilege to work alongside these students, which I have immensely.

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