Meet Two Tiny Tim’s on Broadway

Jai Srinivasan and Sebastian Ortiz
Jai Srinivasan and Sebastian Ortiz Image credit:

Old Ebenezer Scrooge won’t be happy with this, but two young inspiring actors have landed a pivotal role in “A Christmas Carol” on Broadway.

Eight-year-old Jai Srinivasan and Sebastian Ortiz, 7, haven’t let their cerebral palsy crush their ambitious dreams of taking centre stage in the play based on Charles Dicken’s classic novel.

The two actors are playing Tiny Tim, taking it in turns for alternative productions during the festive period.

Jack Thorne adapted the production which is staged in London as well as New York and was adamant the roles of Bob Cratchit’s son, whose illness was never explained, would be played by disabled actors.

Speaking to New York Times Thorne said: “One of my bugbears with ‘Christmas Carol’ is when Tiny Tim is not played by a disabled person, because he’s supposed to be a disabled character.

“When there’s a shortage of parts for people with disabilities, it’s really important we have disabled people play disabled parts.”

You can meet the two budding actors in the NBC footage below

In early drafts of A Christmas Carol Tiny Tim was referred to as ‘Little Fred’.