Inclusive nightclub launches in Glasgow

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A new monthly club night kicks off in Glasgow within the next fortnight and everyone is welcome…especially ravers with a disability.

CLUB LATE has been organised by the guys at Dates-N-Mates and Include Me 2 which support people with disabilities living in Scotland.

The opening night which takes place on April 19 at The Garage will see the likes of GBX Team Member Macca AKA Stephen McArthur and Clyde 1’s Cassy Gillespie behind the decks between 7pm and 11pm. They will be joined by Include Me 2 Club’s own Disabled DJs and Young Big Music Champions.

A recent survey revealed one in four adults aged between 18 and 35 with a learning disability has been bullied at gigs or nightclubs.

A third have been too scared to report the incident to a member of staff.

Club Late was originally launched six years ago to provide a safe and accepting fully-inclusive environment for people with disabilities.

Project Manager for Dates-N-Mates Glasgow, Sheryl Walker, said: :“Back in 2012 we worked in partnership with The Arches and the Stay Up Late campaign to introduce LATE as Scotland’s first club night for people with learning disabilities, fully inclusive and open to all.

“We learned from our members that many had never been clubbing as they didn’t know where to go and where they would be made to feel welcome.

“When The Arches closed in 2015 we were determined it would not be the end of Club LATE.

“It’s been a struggle at times, but we have worked with other venues in Glasgow and have continued to run several events a year with around 200 people attending.”

Chairman of Include Me 2 Club, Paul McIIvenny added: “It’s a really important partnership, bringing together two like-minded organisations and projects that are trying to create fantastic opportunities for their members.

“The combined approach will allow the event to run more often, bringing new capacity to organise monthly events and special events for the members, both existing and future to enjoy.

“The partnership builds on the previous successes of Club LATE and IM2C Club Nights and we are really excited to see where this new adventure leads us.

“The most important thing is that our members are able to access new, regular and exciting club events in an ordinary club, on an ordinary night that everyone would usually go out, where its safe and accessible, where they feel comfortable and the best available DJs and entertainers are there to perform for them.”

For more information visit the CLUB LATE Facebook page.