Este Haim opens up about living with Diabetes

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A member of one of the most popular bands at the moment has opened up on their battle with diabetes.

Este from the rock band Haim has revealed how she copes with the medical condition on the road. The singer is the oldest member of the band which is formed of three sisters, bassist Este being the oldest.

Haim played the Latitude festival last weekend ending their current tour of the UK; Este called the past two years as the “craziest” time of her life.

"It's been so much fun and we've met so many amazing people.

"I think we've had a lot of trials and tribulations on the road, there have been a couple of little mishaps.” She told the BBC.

Este went on to admit she suffered serious symptoms earlier this summer when the band played Glastonbury...

"Glastonbury being one of them when I almost died."

"I was so out of it that I just didn't remember that I hadn't eaten,"

"By the sixth song, I could feel my blood sugar levels plummeting really really fast."

este haim

As soon as Este walked off the Pyramid Stage her manager realised she was five points away from suffering a seizure. He immediately gave her some chocolate to control her sugar level.

"[He had to] put it on the side of my cheek and rub it for a good two minutes before I could get back on stage.

"I did the rest of the set sitting down like BB King." The singer revealed.

Este is encouraging other diabetics to talk openly about their illness; other singers who cope with the condition include Klara Söderberg and Nick Jones from First Aid Kit.

For more information and advice on diabetes visit Diabetes UK.