Dynamo’s video inspired people with Crohn’s

Dynamo making his video about Crohn's disease
Dynamo making his video about Crohn's disease Image credit:

Dynamo has raised awareness of Crohns disease after going public about his condition last week.

The magician – also known as Steven Frayne – uploaded a video last week explaining why his personal appearance has changed after he became “really sick” from food poisoning.

Now people with a similar illness feel they can talk more openly about their symptoms because of Dynamo’s open words.

Lead singer of Black Foxxes Mark Holley – who also has Crohn’s disease – said Dynamo is “incredibly brave”.

He told BBC Newsbeat: "I think he should be really proud of himself to be able to speak out about it.

"Steroids are weird. You wake up and you feel incredible, and then you suddenly have major mood swings.

"Any awareness for young people is incredibly important, especially with the rate of young people being diagnosed with the disease every year."

Holley added: "Anyone that does have it, I would urge them to speak out about it, and make it as socially acceptable as it should be."

For support visit the Crohn’s and Colitis UK website.