Drummer from The Monos LPs tells us about his life with Crohns Disease

the monos - daniel beech (left)
the monos - daniel beech (left)


Championed by BBC Introducing's Dave Monks, having recorded a sell-out live gig at the Cavern Club for the BBC's Live Lounge sessions, The Mono LPs are considered one of Liverpool's bright young prospects.


The band will be releasing their next single 'Emilia' on the 4May with a new video in tow and burlesque style launch night at Liverpool's renowned venue Magnet!  

Drummer Daniel Beech talks of his experiences having Crohns Disease whilst learning to play the drums… 

I was diagnosed at 13 with Crohn's disease and colitis. After spending months at school being fed through a tube and leaving with good grades in the most boring subjects possible, I decided to pick up a hobby that appealed to my creative side. I begged my mum to get me a drum kit from Ebay, it cost £50 and it made a lot of (horrific) noise. 

Less than a month later, armed with 4 well-rehearsed drum beats and a natural knack for hitting things and being loud; I joined my first band. By no means were we great but we had fun learning our crafts. Eventually I was asked to audition for a local band I knew, and loved; The Mono LPs. I had never really auditioned for a band before, so I went on YouTube and studied every video I could. Unable to play my kit I sat on the end of my bed hitting my drum stool for 3 days until I come out the other end 10+ songs, and a load of blisters, better off. 

I went to my audition, played a gig with them less than a week later, and the rest is history. Now we're touring, playing festivals around the world, supporting popular bands in major venues, and having the time of our lives along the way. When I first started in The Monos my Crohn's wasn't too bad, it was more of an occasional inconvenience, but as I've gotten older it's gotten progressively worse. With flare ups and sick days becoming more frequent I've had to miss a lot of practise over the years. 

It's not great to have to cancel on your friends, especially when you have important gigs coming up that you need to get your set together for. I was very lucky to find a group of friends who understand that it's not my fault that I cancel plans at the last minute, who always make me feel better when I'm feeling down with the occasional poop joke, as well as being gifted enough to tear the roof off a venue without actually practising.  

There have been many days when I can't do what I love because I'm sick; but my point with these stories is never let that stop you from perusing what you want to do in life. Whether that's achieving highly in academic fields, or expressing your creativity through an art form, your disability does not define you, go out there and do what you love and show everybody that disabled does not mean unable. 

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