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Documentary Filmmakers With Disabilities

Jim lebrecht

FWD - Any idea what that acronym stands for? 

Let us enlighten you, FWD-Doc is the collective term for a group of filmmakers with disabilities who have been making documentaries for the past few years.

Jump over to the Documentary Filmmakers With Disabilities website and you will find out their mission is to: Increase the visibility of, support for, and direct access to opportunities, networks, and employment for D/deaf, disabled, and neurodiverse filmmakers. We aim to foster greater inclusion of D/deafness, disability, and neurodiversity within the broader entertainment industry.’

Jim LeBrecht is one of the founding members of FWD-Doc, with 40 years experience as a film and theatre sound designer as well as an extensive background in disability rights it is safe to say he knows a thing or two about what he is doing.

LeBrecht [pictured above] is behind films such as Minding The Gap, Unrest, The Island President and The Kill Team. But he has another talent to add to his CV. 

He is also an author and co-wrote Sound and Music the Theatre: for the art and technique of design.

But he is most well-known for being one of the directors of Crip Camp, the Netflix documentary about a revolutionary summer camp for people with disabilities.

One of the many projects FWD-Doc is involved in is their partnership with Film Event Accessibility Alliance in association with 1IN4 Coalition.

They are asking disabled film buffs to complete a 15 minute online survey so future events can become more accessible.

[ The Film Event Accessibility Scorecard, launched earlier this year, aims to make film events a more inclusive sector and accessible for all. ]

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