Disabled party animal raises cash to take carers to Ibiza

Gerald Masterson
Gerald Masterson Image credit:

Gerald Masterson has just arrived back from Ibiza after partying until the early hours and it’s all thanks to kind hearted strangers who paid for his trip.

The 47-year-old from Glasgow has cerebral palsy and needs 24/7 care, but he was determined not to let his condition stop him from going on a holiday of a lifetime.

When the government made cuts to disabled benefits system Gerald could no longer afford to pay people to look after him when he went abroad so he launched a Facebook campaign asking for financial help.

Raising £4,500 Masterson was able to return to Playa d’en Bossa earlier this month and go clubbing all night long.

Thanking the strangers who funded his holiday Gerald wrote on Facebook: “Ibiza is not just a holiday for me, it’s my life. Without you nice people I wouldn’t have been able to see people who are like family to me.”

The party animal found his carers via Facebook. He told the Daily Record: “I will pay for ­everything and they will do shifts.

“One of the girls came to see how we would get on and she asked a friend of hers to go too. I’ve only met them once but we talk on Facebook and get on well.

“I feel everyone should be able to have holidays and shouldn’t have to worry about people taking them and how much extra it will cost.”

Gerald usually has carers to accompany him out on the streets of Glasgow every second Saturday of the month, but he sacrificed his nights out over the past few months so he could save for his holiday.

He said: “It is lonely – but Ibiza means a lot to me and I have made so many friends there that are like family to me. If I went out on a Saturday night here, I wouldn’t have the money to go away so I just stay in.”

Gerald met his hero Carl Cox in Ibiza this year.