Disabled ‘Banksy’ puts a smile around his hometown

David Martin holding a paintbrush
David Martin holding a paintbrush Image credit:

If you stumble across some artwork sketched on a local building it could have been done by someone other than ‘that artist from Bristol’.

David Martin has seen a few sights in his 37 years, he served in Afghanistan, but it was the serious car accident which changed his life.

The crash left him in a coma for ten weeks and a severe brain injury, it didn’t paint a bright future but that is exactly what Martin has taken away from the horrific incident.

Just like Banksy David is leaving his art anonymously around his hometown near Palsley, Scotland.

He told the Daily Record: “It’s been really hard in lockdown and I wanted to cheer people up and spread some joy.

“I go to the Scottish Warblinded Centre in Hawkhead a lot but that has been closed which has been tough.

“I miss it a lot and can’t wait to get back there when it opens.

“I normally do a lot of painting there and one day I was waiting in the queue for the shops and I just thought wouldn’t it be nice to have something to look at.

“So I started painting stones with ladybirds, rainbows and other positive things and leaving them around for people to find on their walks.

“Throughout my life all I want is to spread positive vibes and I’m like the Barrhead Banksy now.

“Thankfully it seems to be working because people keep telling me they love them and to keep it up.”

Just because lockdown is starting to lift David says he will continue his artistic project to put a smile of people’s faces.

“People have been so supportive, bringing me paints and rocks to keep this going.

“Even though we’re moving out of lockdown, I’m going to keep going because it’s such a nice feeling to know what I’m doing is making a difference.

“It seems to have had a domino effect as a lot of kids nearby have started doing it as well.”

One of the locals he’s impressed is Donna who works for The Homeless Veterans Project.

She said: “David is so full of life and so optimistic.

“A lot of people might be very bitter after what happened to him but he’s just full of joy and sunshine.

“He has always enjoyed doing arts and crafts at Hawkhead and it’s lovely to see him using his talent in this way.

“All he wants is to spread some sunshine and I’m certain that he’s managed to do just that.”

David Martin admits he’s lucky to be alive after the car accident.