VR helps disabled people to vote

virtual reality world to help people vote
virtual reality world to help people vote Image credit:

With another general election round the corner not being out of the question ‘most’ of us won’t have much difficulty reaching a local polling station to vote for the party to take us out of the current situation we are in.

Putting a cross in a box sounds pretty straightforward, but some people with a learning disability the process can be too complicated.

Dave Morton is one such person. He has never voted up until now, but thanks to a new virtual reality programme he will be able to cast his vote in next month’s council elections in Ireland.

The software puts the user in a virtual landscape explaining what happens at a polling station.

Learning charity Mencap are hoping the system will spur more people to vote in forthcoming elections.

Their director in Northern Ireland, Margaret Kelly, told the BBC: "People with learning disabilities are often excluded in so many ways.

"For me, voting is one of the most basic rights in society and one of most basic ways of being included as a citizen.

"We want to give people the tools and resources to help them vote. We should help people with a learning disability feel a bit more important in our communities."

The software also aims to encourage other disabled people to independently vote who, in the past, may have felt insecure travelling to the polling station without a parent or a carer.

Mencap has teamed up with The Electoral Commission to produce an easy-to-read guide which explains how to vote for additional advice.

All we need now is for them to help everyone to find a party worth voting for!

Research shows only 26% of people with a learning disability voted in Northern Ireland in 2014.