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Disabled people are launching their own companies

businessman in a wheelchair on his phone

There’s been a growing number of entrepreneurs setting up their own companies and they all have one thing in company, every budding businessperson has some form of disability.

About eighty disabled people are taking advantage of a government scheme launched in 2011 which was set up to support new companies offering funding up to £25,000.

A quarter of the 126,000 business who have benefitted from the New Enterprise Allowance are being run by a disabled CEO which means there are more people with a disability in employment than ever before.

Employment Minister Alok Sharma said: “Going from being on benefits to being your own boss can change someone’s life. So when people want to make that journey, I want them to have all the help they need.

“And it’s especially encouraging that this scheme is working for people with a disability.

“The UK has a record breaking jobs market and booming SME culture with over 500,000 more British micro-businesses since 2011. But we will only progress further if everyone can benefit, no matter what barriers they may face.”

Figures show 28,000 people have set up their own business under the New Enterprise Allowance.

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