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Teenager with Down’s Syndrome makes history in London Marathon

Lloyd Martin with his mum Ceri Hooper

A 19-year-old runner has made history becoming the youngest runner to complete a marathon in the learning disability category.

Lloyd Martin, from Cardiff, completed the London Marathon on Sunday with a bit of help from his mum who guided him around the course.

He was presented with a certificate at the finish line by  Guinness World Records, who created the challenge on his behalf.

Mum, Ceri Hooper [54], told BBC News: "In Lloyd's words, it's achieving his dream.

"Really anything is possible if you put your mind to it. With a bit of work, you can achieve it."

The teenager, who has Downs Syndrome, is the youngest person to complete a marathon in the intellectual impairment category.

"It was absolutely amazing," Hooper said. "He ran continuously for 14 miles [22.5km] which is the longest he's ever run before.

"There was a bit of walking after that, but he was great.

"He got the crowd going, cheering for him, it was tough, but we had a ball."

She added: "We did not say a lot when we crossed the finish line.

We just both burst into tears."

Hooper knows a thing or two about running herself, she has represented Wales in cross country and track races since her teens and completed the London Marathon four times as well as passing the finish lines in Boston and Chicago.

Lloyd had completed more than 30 Parkruns, but up until Christmas his longest distance clocked in at just 5km [3 miles] so he had a fair bit of training ahead of him.

To help her son train for the marathon his mum created a bespoke plan which included a weekly run so he could adapt to what it feels like being on his feet for several hours.

[ Lloyd Martin secured a place in the London Marathon through Special Olympics GB. ]

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