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Sex therapist assists disabled man

Thomas Williams

A disabled man who thought he would never have a sex life has been taught how to perform erotic acts by a therapist.

Thomas Williams, who has cerebral palsy, has had his life changed for the better after regular meetings with “sex surrogate” Sue Newsome.

The 28 year-old from Staffordshire said Sue had given him a sexual experience which we has never experienced before.

We should point out at this stage that Newsome, 58, doesn’t have sexy time with her clients, but she does provide hands-on, one-to-one coaching.

Thomas pays between £65 and £100 a session, but he isn’t spunking his money away!

He told The Sun: “Working with a sex surrogate has blasted a great, big, rocket-propelled grenade through the myth that I am disabled and I therefore have relinquished the right to sexual expression.

“That’s bollocks!”

Newsome explained how she connects with disabled clients to ensure their desires are fulfilled.

“The first part of my work with them is meeting them and really understanding what it is they want help with,” she said.

Sex therapist Sue Newsome

"But also really getting a feel for what their environment is, what their living situation is, and also fully understanding their physical situation — what are their limitations?”

Mr Williams was introduced to Sue after he shared his sexual anxieties with his carer Cheryl Birth.

Birch said: "I didn't know this service was on offer to people.

"It's not sordid like people would assume.

"It's just a massive impact on a person that's entitled to it."

She added: "His frustration just in general life seems to have changed.

"For me, it's quite rewarding to see that journey."

Newsome added: "If by working with someone, I can help them finding some more joy, or a greater sense of self, then that, for me, is magic."

Sixty per cent of Sue Newsome’s clients have a disability.

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