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Scottish Government will oversee PIP claims

Mark Griffin

Thousands of disabled Scots have had to endure gruelling private sector benefit reviews over the past two years because of the government.

Speaking to the Daily Record, Scotland’s Labour social security spokesman Mark Griffin (pictured above), said: “This revolving door of degrading assessments is scandalous, leaving disabled people living in fear. It has to stop.

“This is the shocking cost of Tory welfare reforms. Disabled people are hit hardest by the Tories.”

After numerous complaints on how the Conservatives has handled assessments the Scottish Government have announced they will now be overseeing eleven new benefits, including Personal Independence Payments (PIP).

A spokesperson for Inclusion Scotland said: “Disabled people are being subjected to too frequent and unnecessary reviews of their entitlement to benefits.”

The Scottish Government added: “No one will be forced to have a private sector assessment for disability assessments and we will reduce the need for face-to-face assessments that can cause anxiety or distress.”

Mark Griffin was successful passing his British Sign Language bill through Parliament for Scotland in 2015.

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