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Man born without a penis undergoes NHS operation

Andrew Wardle with his partner fedra

Andrew Wardle has waited forty five years to have sex. He’s a good looking chap and appears to be non-disabled, but he was a few inches short.

Mr Wardle was born without a penis, it wasn’t until his late thirties until he heard about an operation called a phalloplasty which could produce him with his missing organ.

In June Andrew went under the knife for ten-hours so surgeons could create a penis using skin from his arm and nerves from his legs.

After the procedure he had to endure a painful erection by pumping a button in his groin for ten days and wait at least six weeks until he could road test his new manhood on his 28-year-old girlfriend Fedra.

He told The Sun: “Fedra had booked a romantic trip to Amsterdam for my birthday, but I felt that would have been too much pressure.

“I had to test out the function every morning and night and leave it erect for 20 minutes. So one morning, two days before we went away, it just happened. It was nice and natural — and that’s how I wanted it to be.

“After what Fedra and I have been through, it’s the cherry on the cake.”

As the organ is situated in his testicles there’s a chance Andrew could become a dad.

He said: “We would like to have children, two ideally, although there’s no rush. I was asked a while ago if I wanted to have my fertility tested and I refused at the time.

“I thought that would be too much pressure on top of everything else with the surgery, but I will do it at some point. If we can’t have children naturally, we’ll adopt.”

Fedra, from Budapest, added: “It was a celebration of our love. His penis looks normal, it’s just operated a little bit differently. When you say Andrew lost his virginity, that’s not really the case because you think of someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing.

“Andrew knew what he was doing.”

“It’s fantastic — no need to worry about Viagra or getting old. He can do it when he’s drunk too!

“Sex isn’t the only way to have pleasure. We’d done everything else we were able to. But there was always a point where we had to stop.

“Now we have that freedom to carry on — it’s taken our relationship to a different level.”

Andrew was born with bladder exstrophy, his condition was so serious doctors thought he was going to die.

He was put up for adoption after his birth and has had over a hundred bladder operations, but it was the emotional pain which hurt Andrew the most.

Despite hiding his missing organ in the school changing rooms Andrew was bullied so much after a group of local kids found out about his condition he tried to take an overdose when he was 14.

In his twenties Wardle tried to compensate his missing sex life by taking drugs and working at Butlins.

He manged to bed over a hundred women who thought Andrew was a gentleman refusing sex, but the relationships stopped when they discovered the truth.

A few years later he tried another suicide attempt in Scotland.

“It wasn’t a sad time, but I was sick of the cycle of meeting a girl, then telling her and it ending. I didn’t want to do that anymore,” he told the paper.

When Andrew travelled to Thailand he stayed in touch with Fedra, a friend he made working at Butlins.

Fedra said: “He’s got a good sense of humour and, right from the start, we could have a laugh with each other. I’m lucky because he’s so handsome — but he’s also really smart and he’s a really warm-hearted person. He’s marriage material.”

Andrew admits it will take him a while to get used to sex.

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