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HexHog – the new all-terrain wheelchair

Sion Pierce on  a hexhog wheelchair

Why should wheelchairs just be used for boring journeys such as trailing down pavements or trying to avoid shoppers on the high street?

This was the question posed by the guys at Off-Road Engineering Limited who had the bright idea of designing the HexHog – an all-terrain wheelchair for the adventurous users who want to go off-road.

Thanks to a flexible chassis the contraption manages to keep all its six wheels on the ground despite how bumpy or uneven the surface is.

The brains behind it is Sion Pierce who came up with the design when he was studying engineering at Harper Adams Uni after he heard about a disabled farmer who was struggling to manoeuvre themselves around their land.

Being from a farmer family himself Sion empathised with the difficulties they were up against.

Managing to gain a £25,000 loan from the Development Bank of Wales Pierce is now ready to launch the HexHog in Europe.

He told the Daily Post: “Other wheelchairs dubbed ‘all-terrain’ are suitable for flat or muddy surfaces but struggle with the rugged countryside terrain.

“Put simply, the Hexhog is a unique mobility vehicle that is changing lives. From private individuals who enjoy an outdoor life to farm workers who have lost their ability to continue working due to an accident, the Hexhog is ideal for anybody with a physical disability who needs the capability of a quad bike but is dependent on a wheelchair.“

The sturdy chair is suited to tackle mud, ice, sand, water, snow and even the ground at Glastonbury Festival!

Investment Executive for the Development Bank of Wales, Heather Abrahams, said: “We are always very proud to support home-grown businesses that are run by local entrepreneurs who share our commitment to supporting the Welsh economy.”

The HexHog has a top speed of 9mph (15kph) and costs around £18.000.

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