New app for people with vision loss

Pramit holding a phone and pointing to his app
Pramit holding a phone and pointing to his app

Meet Pramit, the young gentleman has vision loss, his condition inspired him to create a genius piece of technology to help others with a visually impairment.

Pramit wrote this piece exclusively for ABLE2UK about his remarkable invention and how he decided to take matters into his own hands and embark on an ambitious journey to solve his sight problem,

I have developed an App that will allow a user to control their favorite Apps and phone features with just voice commands.

As a visually impaired, there was a period where my vision was dropping sharply and this was the phase when I was completely ‘lost’. This low-point was completely unexpected especially for someone who had graduated from India’s prestigious engineering and management institutions and worked for global companies such as Unilever, Motorola, and Quest Diagnostics. I was becoming so dependent on people because of the lack of technology. Even though I’m a good user of technology, I realized that the only thing available for the visually impaired was a basic screen reader that was fairly basic, and was difficult to use. Even for simple things like staying connected on WhatsApp, moving around on my own with Uber, entertainment needs, managing my contacts & making phone calls, I had to depend on somebody for help.

Meditation and following a spiritual path helped immensely during this phase. And when I started thinking about what I could do under the present circumstances, answers started emerging and the dots started to connect.

And then a life changing moment came. A friend was helping me book Uber. He kept asking questions and I was giving him the Ride Selections and Voila the Uber was booked. This got me thinking what if I could build an app with the most natural form of communication - our voice commands to do everything within a supported App and Louie was born. Just think of Louie as a virtual friend sitting right on the top of your Phone Screen - You give voice commands and it executes it. Louie, in a way, is all about solving my own problems, and with the hope that it will work for other people as well.



Louie is designed keeping the special needs of the visually impaired in mind. As said earlier, Louie is an accessibility App and can be equally beneficial for motor-disabled, elderly, people with limited manual dexterity and all hands-free & voice lovers.

Louie currently supports Uber, WhatsApp, YouTube, Contacts and Phone Calls. More Apps like Facebook, FB Messenger, Food Ordering, Google Search, Web Navigation, eCommerce, Receiving/Disconnecting Calls and other Phone Settings etc. are under development.

None of the leading Voice Assistants can do what Louie can. Louie is the only App that does a two-way continuous interaction with a user while letting the user voice control each and every feature of an App.

You must be wondering how is Louie Voice Control different from Voice Assistants. Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri just cannot do what Louie can. They won't do everything within an App and just do 2 or 3 superficial things within an App. They also have a nasty habit of going silent each & every time. As you just saw Louie does a continuous two-way interaction that every human needs.

There is one ingredient that Louie flourishes on which is user feedback. Louie has been developing fast only because of feedback from few users across the world. They have told us about their pain points and what new features and Apps they would like to voice control.

My aim is to spread the word about Louie so that more and more visually impaired friends use the app and hopefully it will work for them as well. Today, Louie has users from nearly 70 countries. I’m committed to making Louie work for all of us and I need VI Community’s support in that.’

For more information go to the Google Play website.

You can contact Pramit at