Dyslexic pensioner writes book using one finger

Alan Pilcher holding a copy of his book
Alan Pilcher holding a copy of his book Image credit:

Ever thought of writing a book but never got round to it? If so a 72-year-old Gosport, Hampshire will put you to shame!

Alan Pilcher is dyslexic and like most people his age he admits it’s difficult to text when using his phone.

But those two setbacks haven’t stopped the pensioner from writing an 83,000 story on an iPhone 7 with just one finger.

His debut masterpiece, ‘Arc of Doubt, centres around a dead body found in an English creek.

Picher wrote the novel whilst his wife, Frances, 68, was out shopping in the evenings.

He told ‘I watch my children type on their phones and their fingers are just a blur. ‘There’s no way I could do that, not at my age.

‘But it actually made sense for me to type it up on my phone because of the autocorrect – it’s the perfect answer to dyslexia. My family has given me huge amounts of encouragement and they are all amazed I’ve done this.’

The budding J.K. Rowling added: ‘When it came to writing it was difficult, but as you get older it feels like less of a big deal.’

After he finished the book Alan asked Frances, a retired journalist, to polish up the punctuation before the novel went on sale.

Arc of Doubt by Alan Pilcher is available on Amazon for £6.99.